Tuesday, May 24, 2011

raspberry mango lemonade

Mother's Day came and went very fast this year, but the memories of gorgeous spring flowers will last forever!  I went with a raspberry mango lemonade theme this year ... Loved those couple of days right before Mother's Day ... when every corner of my house was filled with colorful spring flowers {by the way I volunteered to buy flowers for all the mothers at our church this year so I had over 100 roses scattered throughout my house}

And of course my hubby knows about my love affair with spring roses ... & has learned after 3 wonderful years of marriage exactly what will make me happy on a random spring afternoon!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


It's been a busy month ... I'd say a little too busy for my liking ...This whole month just feels like a big blur ... time keeps flying away and we're still so behind on our remodel!  Just been feeling so tired lately and wish I could just take a whole week off from everything and concentrate on our house and nothing else ... Just imagine ....

not waking up at 5am every morning

not driving 35-55 min {depending on traffic} to work and back everyday

not working overtime for the next 2 months to save enough money for a professional new camera

not coming home tired and cooking dinner at 4pm

no church events or family obligations in the evening

and definitely not trying to be in bed by 10pm {while still somehow dragging it out till at least 12am}

ok so I think that was more than enough venting for one blog post ... now back to what's really important ... the kitchen remodel ... I think that's probably the only room we've really been concentrating on and its definitely the closest one to completion.  I even finally got around to taking some updated pics

As you can tell we're still missing a vent hood .. and the backsplash is no where to be found

I love how our extra chunky moldings turned out ... it took 3 separate molding pieces to accomplish this look ... it originally started as a diy project but after hours and hours of suffering with the baseboards, we decided it would be much more cost effective to hire someone who actually knew what they were doing and could knock the project out in a day!

When we first started our kitchen remodel I didn't really think a pot filler was needed ... plus it would probably be in the way of my backsplash tiles and mess with my design .... or so I thought

I'm glad my hubby has been persistent, and we still ended up ordering one online from Lowes ... we just got it a few days ago and it should be going in today ... although the sink is not extremely far away from the stove, I know it will save me a lot of time and potential disasters in the future :)

Now if only I could decide whether I want it exactly in the middle or maybe a little more to the right and so on ... decisions decisions .. so tired of them ... And speaking of decisions ... we still haven't decided on the cabinet color size or anything else for the matter regarding the built-in seating we will be doing in front of our window ... I have a ton of inspiration pics that I'll be posting soon so hopefully that'll help me make up my mind faster.