Wednesday, June 9, 2010

They DO


A couple of weeks ago we attending a wedding for two of our very good friends Stand & Irina and to be completely honest I have never had this much fun at a wedding before.

The wedding took place in a beautiful winery with gorgeous scenery and breath taking views. But what really made this wedding special was the LOVE that I could feel and see not only between the happy couple but also through all the wonderful friends and family that came to share this special day with them. There were soo many heart-felt wishes and toasts along with beautiful songs and musical numbers that their friends performed for them. The groom is actually part of a famous Christian choir so it was no surprise at how gifted and talented the guest list ended up being. Overall I had a blast eating good food, sharing many laughs, and enjoying the company of all of our good friends!

Here are some pics from the event that the talented Andrey Perepelitsa took:

Wedding 2
{The Gorgeous Bride & Groom}

Wedding 1
{The Happy Couple}

Wedding 4
{The best of friends}

Wedding 3
{My hubby & I with the Bride & Groom}

Wedding 5
{Elegant Centerpieces}