Wednesday, May 27, 2009

☼ Summer Wish List ☼

Now that summer has officially started... I'm in serious need of a new bathing suit!

I've been sort of browsing but haven't found anything that I really like or something that's within my budget {hoping to buy 2-3 new ones this year, so they gotta be affordable}

Been checking out Victoria's Secret Online, so maybe will order a couple from there, but I'm always scared of ordering the wrong size... Ugghhh

I really like this "Yellow Anchors" but not too sure about the string bottoms {they always make me look fat}

Also like this Coral bathing suit... so feminine and cute!

Definitely luvin' the sexy pink stripes...

And what girl can live without some cute polka dots in her life?

I definitely need some advice and fast!

Visit from a Good Friend

Decided to sleep in yesterday, since we got home pretty late after Bodega Beach...

After a looong and restful sleep, I met up with one of my best friends Marina for some lunch and a day of catching up. We've both been sooo busy with school that we haven't really had a chance to hang out lately. She also went back to work today after her maternity leave, so this was perfect timing.

Here she is with her adorable lil' pumpkin, Matthew

{Memorial Day Memories}

My weekend has been a crazy one... going from one party to the next, but gladly it's all over and I'm still in one piece... whew

We visited Bodega Bay with our youth on Monday! The trip was originally supposed to only take 2 hrs, but with 9 cars, over 40 people, and a bad sense of direction, it took twice as long!

The weather was freezing when we first got there, but by around 3 pm it finally started to warm up. It was nice to finally get all of our youth together and just spend the whole day relaxing on the beach.

Volleyball is definitely BIG around here, so most of our time was spend playing, watching, and cheering for our fav teams!

The guys ended up going fishing for part of the time {along with the veterans, like this guy}

I spend the day taking random pictures...

And the people who had nothing better to do... got buried alive!

My Rollin' Ball of Fluff

Bella is doing a lot better since she's gotten her cast, and even a broken paw couldn't stop her from being the adorable & playful puppy that she is.

She has her check-up and shot appointment tomorrow, so hopefully everything will be A-Ok! Her pretty pink cast has gotten so dirty from playing in the backyard at my mom's house, and she definitely needs a bath real bad! Ugghh I can't wait to get it off, but it'll probably be at least another month.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just one of those days...

Today is my last day of finals, before a long summer of pretty much doing nothing other than relaxing!

I should be out celebrating right now, but instead I'm stuck at home with a box of tissues and a bottle of NyQuil... yeah, out of all days I had to get sick today.

It all started off with allergies, and now I'm stuck with a horrible cold and a pounding headache.

Guess it's just one of those days... I had sooo many plans for the weekend, like going over-night fishing tomorrow with a bunch of friends... which will most likely be canceled for me unless I miraculously feel better tomorrow.

On Saturday I'm going to a barbecue with some of my hubby's friends from work... Sunday I'm hosting a pool party at my place for the kids in my Sunday school class... And Monday we're going to the beach with our youth to play volleyball and just hang out with our friends!

I'm definitely looking forward to all of these things, so taking plenty of meds and getting some rest tonight!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Starfish, FLowers & More

I've decided to do a little project with the starfish that my hubby caught me! After soaking it in rubbing alcohol, and letting it dry in the sun for a couple of days, I attached it to the reed diffuser on my living room shelving. I think it turned out pretty good, and gives it a little something extra!

I've also visited my grandma a couple of days ago and she has the most beautifuL garden! She spends all of her time out there, constantly planting more flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, & anything else you could possibly think of.

She definitely knows what she's doing when it comes to gardening, and gave me these gorgeous roses as I was leaving.

Mmmmm... they smell so delicious, I just Luv fresh fLowers!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Puppy Drama

Got some horrible news...

My 4 month old puppy, BeLLa fell off our bed at 3 in the morning on Friday. I woke up to the sound of her whimpering and quickly jumped out of bed to find her on the floor with her front paw sort of hanging in the air.

After taking her to the vet, the doc confirmed that she broke her paw and would need to wear a cast for 6-8 weeks. Since she's still a puppy, the bones should heal perfectly with no long-term effects.

It was so devastating to watch my poor baby try to walk at first, the cast is so heavy compared to her tiny body that she kept falling.

Thankfully she's doing a lot better now and doesn't seem to be in any pain. She's still as cute and playful as she always was, and she looks super adorable with her little pink cast.

More Fun in LA!

So obvious just hanging out at the beach was not good enough for us, so we decided to drive an hour to Six Flags Magic Mountain... bad idea!

About 30 min into the drive, our car started making a horrible scrapping sound... definitely bad news. Apparently one of the bolts for the support underneath our car got loose and started scrapping the ground. There was really no where to pull over, so we quickly got out of the car and started walking so there would be less weight, while my hubby continued to drive to try to exit.

Let me remind you again that this was all happening while we were on the freeway, and we definitely caused some major traffic. It only took about 5 min before the freeway tow truck showed up along with a couple of cops. They were really nice and towed our car for free and gave us a ride to the gas station.

Luckily my husband is super great at fixing cars, so he quickly borrowed some tools from the gas station and fixed the car with Ilya all in time for us to still make it to Six Flags!

Fun in the *Sun

We went to LA this past weekend and had a great time just reLaxing in the Sand!

It actually wasn't even planned, but since my hubby and I have been working sooo hard lately we decided that we needed a vacation. My sis aLLa and her Bf Ilya just decided to tag along too LoL!

We didn't really do anything too special, just spent most of the days going to the beach. The weather was a little cloudy and the water was freezing, but we still had to go splashing in the waves and got pretty nice tans {except for my hubby & Ilya, who ended up looking like crabs}

Speaking of crabs... My hubby {the explorer that he is Lol} spend much of his time catching crabs and looking for starfish.

There was so many of them but they were really hard to get!

Here's my hubby risking his Life and trying to beat the crashing waves to get a starfish for me... Awww how sweet ;)

Of course I had to get a couple of pics too...

Nothing more reLaxing than having your toes in the sand and the fresh breeze running through your hair... ahhhh this is the Life!

Doing A Victory Dance!

Yay! I'm sooo ecstatic right now, I just found out that I won a bLog makeover from Kelly at Fabulous K!

I've definitely been needing one for a while now, and I'm sooo excited that I'm finally getting one.

She is definitely the best and creates the kooLest designs I have ever seen. She is simply fabuLous so definitely check her out!

Thanx again KeLLy, Luv u Lots ;)

I've been really behind with posting cuz I just came home from my trip to LA, but I'll definitely be back with more updates!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

{AdorabLe BLog Award}

Last week I received this LoveLy award:
from this beautifuL girL, {Brooke}!

Awww I feeL so speciaL (wink, wink) Thanks hun, I appreciate the Luv!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Le Pink SandaLs

Went shopping for Mother's Day on Friday and again on Monday, but ended up buying more stuff for myself than my mom... Yes I know how selfish!

I did manage to buy my mom-in-Law a super cute white Kathy Van Zeeland Purse... It's the perfect gift for her because she's been looking for a good white purse for a while now. My mom on the other hand should have been easier to shop for, but I still can't figure out what to get her.

...She already has tons of purses in every color

...I'm not allowed to buy her any clothes, because I always buy the wrong size and style

...She's picky about jewelry

...I already bought her tons of make-up, body lotions, and hair products

...She has a lot of picture frames and albums

...Ughhhh I'm stuck and I would definitely appreciate any suggestions!

At least I didn't leave the mall empty handed... I ended up buying myself a pair of very cute & elegant earrings.
Bath and Body wall plug-ins {Sweet Pea, my fav}
And the most adorable pink Sandals!

And of course I had to try them out right away {Even though it was raining}

Monday, May 4, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday!

Kelly at Kelly's Korner is Hosting Show Us Where You Live Friday {Kitchen Edition} and although I'm a little late with my post, I decided to do it anyways! So I finally made the time to kind of get my kitchen in order and take some pics. Since we rent our condo and can't change the wall color or make too many holes LoL, its not exactly my dream kitchen but its fine for now. We moved in right after our wedding about 1 1/2 years ago and have been living here ever since. Right now we are in the process of looking to buy our first home, but until there this is what we call Home Sweet Home.

Entrance to the Kitchen {View from our Living Room}
A closer look...

My spice rack, which hardly ever gets used

I always thought these bottles looked pretty kooL

I usually have tons of plants all over my house, especially orchids, they're my fav

My dinning room

Our dinnerware {Wedding gift from my mom in law}