Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Giveaway Fun

Fabulous K is having the most Fabulous Summer Giveaway Week on her blog! She will be doing 2 giveaways each day for the whole week! She has tons of great stuff so don't miss out on your chance to win!

Monday, July 27, 2009

2 Birds with 1 Stone

We desperately needed a new transmission for our Saab, which hasn't really been working properly for the past 2 years {but who's counting}! My hubby called all the auto shops in Sacramento and no one seemed to have what we needed, so we ended up traveling to Los Angeles to get the parts.

The quicky trip to LA ended up being beneficial in more than one way, not only did we buy a good transmission but we also enjoyed a few days of relaxation at the beach! Now that's what I call "Killing 2 birds with 1 stone"!

Our Hotel was so beautiful and modern, right next to the water! This is the view that we had breakfast to each morning... ohh how I want to go back again!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birthday Kisses

Birthday Kisses from me to you on your 15th Birthday!

My sweet cousin Nelli celebrated her Birthday by taking all of us girls out to BJ's on Friday Night! She's our youngest cousin and has grown up so fast... I can't believe that she's already 15!

We had so much fun just hanging out with the girls, we really should do it more often! Here we attempted to take a few pictures of ourselves... 1st without Julie...

Then without Alla...

Until finally towards the end we had the waiter take a pic of us all together!

{Alla, Me, Kristina, Nelli, and Julie}

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beating the Rain

A couple of Saturday's ago we decided to go on a day-long hiking trip in Lake Tahoe. So we put on our hiking boots, packed our lunches, & with Bella in tow set out on our adventure!

We don't go hiking too often so this sign definitely scared me a little bit right at the beginning...

Even though we set out fairly late in the afternoon we were still hoping to hike all the way to the top to see the beautiful waterfall and have a small picnic on the rocks. The views were amazing and we took tons of pictures.

There were rows of trees with different inscriptions {we wish we could have left our mark too but had no time to waste}

We probably got 3/4ths of the way there before realizing that the weather was swiftly changing from a warm sunny day to a dark cloudy sky. There were many large flat rocks by the water so we ended up having our picnic right there and just in time before it started to rain.

We ended up pretty much running down the mountain side to try to beat the rain, but by the time we got to the car we were all soaked anyways!

Poor Bella tried to tuck her head in the bag the whole way down, but even she couldn't hide from the rain!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sushi Night

I met up with Lina {one of my best friends from high school} last friday night and had the best girl time ever. She is the coolest person and we had so much fun catching up and remembering all the good times from back when!

She went through a really tough family situation last year, but has stayed strong and true to herself. Just a few days ago she also left on a missionary trip along with her younger sister, and cousin. I am so proud of them all and wish them a safe trip and many blessings. Please keep them in your prayers for the next couple of weeks, I know they will need it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Camp

Every year our church hosts a summer camp for the kids at Rollins Lake and this year was no different. My hubby and I are both very involved in church, especially with kids, so of course we both volunteered {I as craft teacher, and Larry as counselor for the boys group}

This year the theme was all of the different nationalities of the world. There were 6 different groups, which included the French, Irish, Hawaiians, Greeks, Chinese, and Scottish.

The youngest girl group aKa Le French Ladies

The beautiful Hawaiian girls {both of which are my former sunday school students}

And finally the crazy Greek boys {my hubby's group}

Here they are performing their theme song and play for the whole camp. They were sooo good and actually won 1st place and a trip to Sun Splash!

Wheww... I'm finally back!

I decided to take a quick break from blogging, but I never imagined that it would last a whole month! Time sure does fly... especially during lazy summer days :D

Well now that I'm back I'm going to try to blog more often instead of doing a whole bunch of posts all at once {like I usually do}. I haven't been too busy these past few weeks, it's just that the laziness is kicking in. Mostly we've been concentrating on checking out houses, because we're hoping to move out of our condo sometime this summer before my last semester at Sac State begins.

All this house hunting is driving me crazy... my hubby and I can't agree on anything, so no offers yet. I'm hoping we'll find the perfect house when we'll least expect it, but maybe I'm asking for too much... I don't know, we'll see! LoL