Saturday, December 19, 2009

Beginning of a New Chapter

I've been a student for the past 16 years of my life & I still can't believe that this chapter of my life is officially over!

It's the end of...

... Late night cram sessions

... Long weekends of group projects

... Last minute homework assignments at 5 am

... Ever rising tuition and book fees

And ... hours & hours of tedious lectures and note-taking!

Today I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business-Accountancy from Sac State University & so far it's been a bitter-sweet experience for me. I'm sooo happy & proud of myself for finally finishing and graduating with honors, but I know I'll miss those carefree days of being a student and having the flexibility to make my own schedule ... real world here I come!

All of my closest family came to the ceremony to celebrate my accomplishment & I seriously felt like I was some kind of celebrity with all the paparazzi shots that my family was trying to take xexe but I'm happy I got tons of great shots!

Graduation 5
{My friend Yuliya & I before the ceremony}

Graduation 6
{My bestie Marina & I ... I'm sooo going to miss our late night calls and non-stop texting xexe ... She was my biggest support and college would have be so dull without her}

{My hubby & I ... He's soo happy I'm done! ... poor guy had to put up with so much while I was in school}

Graduation 2
{My mommy & Daddy ... they're so proud to have such a smart daughter ;)}

Graduation 3
{My Grammy & Gpa ... so glad that they came to support me}

Graduation 4
{My baby brother & I}

Graduation 10
{All of my sexy girls!}

Graduation 9
{My baby sisters and I}

After the ceremony we all went out to one our favorite Asian restaurants to celebrate ... usually it's so hard to get a good group picture with my family, but somehow it all worked out this time!

Graduation 7

I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful and caring family to support me through both the good and bad in my life ... I don't know what I would do without them & I'm just thankful that I have them all!

Graduation 8

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bangin' New Do

Ok so I finally took the plunge and got BANGS! {Which by the way I've been wanting since summer but haven't had the guts to get} Ohh how I LOVE my hairstylist ... she reads my mind perfectly!

Here's the results:


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our Peacock Christmas Tree

"Its the most WONDERFUL time of the year..." Not only am I in L-O-V-E with Christmas but I think I might actually be a little obsessed with it! I wait all year long for twinkling Christmas lights... gorgeous Christmas decor... beautifully lit Christmas trees... & of course all the lovely presents underneath xexe

I've been fascinated with the magic of Christmas ever since I can remember ... It brings so much JOY to my life & makes me realize how blessed I truly am to have such wonderful family and friends to spend it with!


Although I do love a traditional Christmas ... I decided to go with something a little different for my Christmas Tree. It all started last year when I decided to add a few peacock feathers and birds to my tree and now its a full blown theme.

Our Tree

I really Love the idea of a White Christmas Tree, but I refuse to buy a fake one ... sooo instead we got extra extra flocking on ours to give it that more modern look! I also Love decorating my tree with birds, butterflies, and feathers so of course I had to add a few new ones to the collection this year.

A few weeks ago I found this gorgeous Peacock tree topper which matches my theme perfectly and some purple birds & ornaments to give it that extra pop of color!


My hubby bought me this turquoise butterfly last week & its probably one of my favorites ... I Love how bright and sparkly it looks. We also got a new black & White table runner and these gorgeous crystal candle holders to add to our Christmas decor!

Christmas Candles

And finally here's our little {present} sitting underneath the Christmas Tree looking cute as a button!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fab K's Holiday {Give}away


Although I don't really need the extra competition ... I decided to share anyways {Only becuause I Luv you guys so much }

Fabulous K is having an awesome Holiday Giveaway ... & let me tell you, her name don't lie ... this is serious the most FABULOUS giveaway I have ever seen ... sooo many great sponsors but sooo little time ... so head over their now!!!

My Munchikins

My Sunday School class performed at church this week!

I'm so proud of them ... they all learned their poems and songs perfectly & sounded like lil angels from up above ... ok maybe I'm exaggerating a little ... or maybe a lot xexe, but common on what teacher wouldn't be proud?

We've been doing a lot of fun Christmas crafts with them for the past couple of weeks and decorated our class tree last week {Hopefully pictures will come soon} ... Next Sunday we're making Christmas cookies!!! Can't wait :)


Autumn Inspired

On Saturday I helped my friend Ella throw a surprise B-day party for her hubby's 25th Birthday! ... Well it started out as a surprise anyways... but by the time Thanksgiving came around ... our cover was blown ... & by none other than the father-in-law ... ughhh how I luv parents and their keen inability to keep secrets LoL

Although he knew about the surprise ... I doubt he ever imaged such a fabulous party in honor of his birthday!

The decor was amazing ... all autumn inspired and simply gorgeous ... I especially Luved the berry cake ... mmmm my fav!!!

Birthday Collage

My hubby was in charge of the program and all the games ... he did sooo good ... there was over 50 peole and I doubt anyone left without a smile on their face!