Friday, August 5, 2011

State Fair

Going to the state fair has become an annual tradition for us .. and this year was no exception!  We went with our friends Tim and Alena and had a blast checking out the animal exhibits, braving the state fair rides, and getting a little exotic with the food!

Although I was not really impressed with the fried Snickers and oreos ... I am completely in LOVE with their baked potatoes ... haha I must sound like a big fatty ... but actually I've been really good for the past maybe month and 1/2 and lost 7 lbs!  I haven't been doing any crazy dieting or exercising daily ... Just been trying to make smarter food choices, eating smaller portions, and doing 2-3 jogs a week.  Hopefully I can keep it up, because with all the stress of remodeling a house, working 40 hours, and trying to fit everything else in between ... I've been gaining and need to finally get back in control!