Friday, September 30, 2011

Vintage Finds

I have been doing a lot of craigslist/estate sale/consignment store shopping lately ... and have been finding quite a variety of interesting treasures.  I just bought this adorable vintage tea cart from a lady on craiglist, she was moving out of state and wanted to get rid of it for only $20!  Lately I have seen many similar carts for $150-$250 so I think I got a pretty awesome deal ... just need to spend a little more time accessorizing and deciding where it's going to stay.  Tea/bar carts are very versatile and can pretty much work in any room ... I'm considering using it as extra storage in my office, or maybe a side table in the family room if it doesn't work out in the dining room.

Just last week I discovered an amazing consignment store in my area ... I know I must have drove past it at least 100 times without ever thinking to stop by but last Friday driving home after a doctor's appointment just seemed like the right time ... I found so many interesting options but nothing really jumped out at me.  The only thing I ended up buying was an art deco/hollywood regency magazine stand, which at a $25 price tag I just couldn't resist.  And again with this piece too, I think it's pretty versatile and can look good in any setting ... as of right now I just threw together a couple of accessories and left it in our living room.

I'm thinking to do some estate sale shopping tomorrow morning, so hopefully I can score a few more interesting pieces and come back with some  house updates and pictures from our Hawaii vacation!