Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Miss Russian California

Pageants ... that's definitely not something I ever saw myself doing ... but guess there's a 1st for everything!

A couple of months ago my good friend Nata invited me to participate in a pageant that her company was hosting. I didn't think much of it but decided to give a try anyways. At that time I didn't know what I was getting myself into ... but I sure did find out real fast!

After 3-4 grueling practices for 5 weeks straight I found out exactly what it takes to prepare for a pageant ... and ppl let me tell you it's a lot of hard work! With everything I had going on with school, church, Beta Alpha Psi, and the pageant ... I barely survived the past couple of months LoL

The pageant consisted of 3 parts: Personal Outfit, Wedding Gown, and Evening Dress ... I probably had the hardest time with the personal outfit ... That's the outfit we wore for our opening number and didn't have too much guidelines in choosing it except that we had to be able to dance in it. Sooo here's what I came up with.....


The wedding gowns and evening dresses were a lil easier ... Diamond Bridal Salon handpicked a wedding gown and evening dress for every contestant to model during the pageant.

I L-O-V-E-D my Wedding Gown ... it had a tail so I had tons of fun learning how to be flirty with it and toss it behind me during the pageant walk ;) LoL


We wore our Evening Gowns for the last part of the pageant and had to do our own 1 1/2 minutes routine while our personal video was playing on the screen {I wanted to post it on here but still trying to figure it out} ... Here's my hubby and I taking a quick pic after the event!


To top the night off ... we had an after party with all the girls at Scott's Seafood! ... After sucha long day we barely had enough energy to eat ... & that's not normal cuz the food was D-licious!


Even with all that work, I still didn't win 1st place ... but after everything was said and done I realized that it wasn't even about that ... I had the best time of my life and this experience and the friendships that I made will last forever!!!


  1. could you be any more gorgeous!!!
    OMG!!! love the dress and shoes!!
    i hope you had fun hun :)
    you ladies all look pretty!

  2. The pageant was was pixed!!
    theres no way u didnt win =))