Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some RandoMness

I don't what's been happening lately, but haven't really gotten around to blogging much this past month ... Now with school done and over I have new problems with finding a job. I just took a test for a potential employer yesterday so still waiting to hear back, and I really need to get over my laziness and start taking state tests to hopefully land a Fed or Government job ... I think I'm just enjoying staying at home with my puppy all day a little too much!

On another note, we're still house hunting {yes I know it's been almost a year, but what can I say we're a little picky} Hopefully it will all come to an end very soon because we found a perfect house and put in a hefty offer today ;) ... guess we'll find out soon enough. Ughh just can't wait to get my hands on a new house to decorate ... I think I've been patient enough!

And finally I'll end my random chattering with this lil' baby...

Yep you guessed it a "Best Blog Award" for MOI from the lovely Miss Katie @ Life in the Fulmer Lane ... Thanks Katie I definitely {heart} your blog too! So in order for me to accept my award I gotta spread a lil' love to few other gorgeous ladies {technically 15 but who's counting?} Not all of these blogs are new to me, but they might be to you so check these ladies out...


  1. Thank you darlin! You just made my day end sweetly! :)

  2. Aweeee woman, you are the best!!!

    Thanks love!

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  4. I pray you find a job will all work out.
    And for the house...i've got my fingers crossed hun!!!

    Thank you...THANK YOU...Thank you for the award.

  5. Hi ALena~

    Thank you soooo much for the lovely blog award! I will post on my blog this weekend. Very sweet of you! Love your blog- I'm now a follower-Take care

    ~ Kelly~

  6. thank you, thank you for the award sweet girl!! :)

    hoping you find a job and a home soon hun!!

  7. You were very deserving and OH so welcome for your award!!!