Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Welcome to my {Closet}

I haven't been around for a while, but work has been soo busy {definitely still not used to working a full 40 hr schedule} It feels like my whole day is gone by the time I get home. But enough complaining ... I'm back so lets get to business!

My sweet hubby decided to finally get our closet organized ... we've been living in our condo for about 3 years and the clutter has only been getting worse .... so instead of paying tons of money to get professional organizers, we found a really cheap and highly effective solution. Walmart was having a clearance sale on white shelving units that came with separate accessories {dividers, shelves, cabinets} I ended up buying 5 units and paired them with 10 dividers for a grand total of 40 shoe cubbies! Now all my shoes are so neatly organized, that it would take a lot of effort to mess it up again!

Baby girl decided to test out the weight limitations on my shoe storage!


  1. oh my gosh!! this is photo is just TOOOOOO CUTE!!
    btw, those red shoes are cute as well! i want them!! ;)

  2. CUTE!!! And may i say...the RED & ZEBRA shoes are amazing. Yay for organization :)