Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two Birds of a Feather

As promised, I am finally posting pictures from my cousin Julie's wedding so get ready for a long picture tour!  She had a peacock inspired wedding so to keep with the theme I decided to start off the tour with a foto of these GORGEOUS peacock napkins ... hand-made by non other than Moi {& at least 6 helpers from the wedding party}

Now on to something SWEET ... you guessed it ... heading straight for the cake table ... Looks pretty elegant with the fresh flowers and hand-cut fondant daisies, but believe me it tasted even better than it looks  ... if that's even possible!

The next stop is the head table, I wish I had a full view picture but I was seriously pushed for time & didn't get a chance to take one.  The room had gorgeous full length windows so nothing was even needed in the background except the beautiful auburn scenery and a few columns with flower centerpieces.

Speaking of flowers ... there was a ton covering every square inch of tables, bars, & anywhere else where they would fit ... I stuck with a large variety of yellow roses, white & yellow mums, hydrangeas,  stocks, and orchids!

This little guy was somewhat an after thought but obviously he fits right in.

The centerpieces turned out exactly as planned {very similar to the ones Julie had at her bridal shower}  There was 15 tables to be exact so let's just say I started my Saturday very early but thankfully with the help of my wonderful hubby and the groom's family I got everything done on time.

Kinda hard to tell from the picture but the vases actually had these amazing teal lights inside that reflected against the crystal rocks at the bottom.
I guess I'm kinda doing everything backwards but it's always funner to start with the reception & decor and then get to the sentimental stuff.  It was a very long and somewhat steep walk down the aisle, so lets just say Julie was really a trooper.

It was perfect weather for an outside ceremony .... not a single rain cloud in sight, cuz by this time of year you never know.

She had three bridesmaids, starting from the left my cousin Nelli and my 2 sisters Kristina & Alla {all of whom looked quite ravishing if I might add} ;)

And here we are finally, surprisingly I still had time to get ready and look pretty decent after slaving the whole morning

And many more pics with the bridesmaids...


  1. Wow, what a beautiful wedding! Those napkins have got to be the cutest thing I've ever seen...great job! And you are just too your dress & hair. :)

  2. wow looks like such a beautiful wedding!
    and you look gorgeous yourself.<3

  3. Beautiful wedding, you look gorgeous!