Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First Sign of Spring


I'm finally back after 2 months of not posting ... and no I haven't been sick or anything like that ... just been having a sort of writers block and just no desire to write whatsoever.

So here's the update on my life ... I finally got a job offer to work for the state and have another interview for a better position coming up on April 6th ... yay! And in even better news ... I am going to Cancun, Mexico with my hubby for 1 week right before I start my new job to celebrate! Last month I also turned 22 and celebrated with my hubby in Tahoe ... made me realize how fast time is going and gave me to motivation to start going to the gym and making healthier choices with my eating habits ... ohhh how I dread working out ... but already lost 5lbs and on my way to a new bikini body!!!

Since I haven't been working yet and college is a thing of the past for me ... I've been spending a lot more time outside taking walks with Bella ... we have this gorgeous trail just a couple of minutes from my house and that's of course where I picked those beautiful purple flowers from ... they make my house smell so fresh and Spring-y! Makes me one to go shopping and buy new Spring decor for my home ... but my hubby constantly has to keep reminding me that we're looking for a new house and that I should wait ... I never thought it would be this hard for find a good house that we both love ... but honestly we haven't been having much luck with that yet, but still hoping and praying that God will send us something soon :)

That's pretty much it I guess ... My goal for now is to post more often and quit being sooo lazy about writing.

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