Thursday, December 23, 2010

the presents are wrapped ...

... but there's no tree to put them under!

 Thank goodness we're doing Secret Santa this year because there's no way I'd be able to find the time & strength to go shopping for everyone this year.  To give you a little idea of how bad its been ... instead of Christmas decorations, we have boxes and packing material in every nook and cranny ... we don't even have a Christmas Tree this year!  I knew we'd be spending the last couple of weeks packing and fixing up our condo so having a tree would just be an extra headache and more things to pack.  Yeah it's pretty sad ... but lets just say I have BIG plans for next year ... can't wait for after Christmas sales ... I'll be stocking up for sure!


  1. hey chick! thanks for the comment! i am loving your wrapping! how fab are those rosettes! hope you have a very merry christmas~

  2. that is the most gorgeous wrapping job.
    im sorry to hear about your tree less christmas!
    i hope you still have a great holiday.<3