Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a kitchen in progress

Ohh how I long for the day our kitchen will look as breath taking as one of these inspiration photos. I am in L-O-V-E with beautiful white cabinets and gorgeous marble countertops.  We already bought our cabinets and are in the process of installing ... however no tiles or countertops yet ... I know picking out the perfect marble slab takes forever so really need to get out there and start looking ... I haven't even officially decided on whether I want Carrara or Calacatta yet ... I think I prefer the look of Calacatta but need to make sure I can afford it before we make any big decisions...

I love the thickness of the marble on the island ... especially the contrast between the dark cabinets and the rest of the creamy white Kitchen.  Too bad we don't have room in our kitchen for an island ... otherwise I would have totally went with 2 colors for the cabinets.

 Farmhouse sinks always make me smile ... can't wait to get ours! Love how pronounced the veining on the marble island is.

 I like how with a neutral kitchen any color you add will absolutely just pop ..

Gorgeous calacatta veining ... makes my heart skip a beat ;)

We decided to go with dark hardwood floors throughout the house including the kitchen ... I think it'll be a nice contrast against our all white kitchen.

We have a peninsula in our kitchen so I'm really considering halving the marble go all the way down the side like in these pics ... I think it'll look really unique and give my kitchen that extra modern edge

 I guess that's enough rambling for now ... I'll post more kitchen inspirations later on, but for now here's an idea of what stage our kitchen is currently in...

Not much to see yet .. but trust me there's progress and I'll be updating soon!


  1. gorgeous! i love a white kitchen, so fab and timeless! can't wait to see yours finished~

  2. thank you so much for your cmts! sadly, i kept putting off blogging b/c i kept getting overwhelmed by the pics to sort so I could post for Sailer's Princess Party. Sad, but true. Ha ha. Good to catch up on yours too. (=

  3. Those kitchens are GORGEOUS!!! Yours will look just as great...you'll see :) Have fun in the process & take LOTS of pics.

  4. Wow those are stunning pictures. The 3rd one down has always been one of my all time favorites, and it seems the white marbles really make the kitchen. Its funny when I did that 10 years ago everyone thought I was nuts! But now its everywhere...and with good reason. It looks simply smashing. THANKS! And thanks for visiting my blog hope you come back, am doing giveaways next month!