Monday, February 21, 2011


This quote by Benjamin Franklin {currently hanging in my cube at work} is quickly turning into my new life motto ... in more ways than one!

Lets start with the most obvious ... On Monday I just randomly decided to dye all my hair back to brunette {turned out a little darker than expected ... looks almost black!}  Don't know what I was thinking .. but I guess just been itching for a change and it was time to try something new.  Can't really say that I hate it ... but definintely been missing the blond.  Still getting weird looks in the halls at work lol ... so hopefully this week everyone will finally get over it!

Both hubby & I have been sick on and off again all last week so not too much remodeling progress to speak of ... we pretty much took most of the week off, which gave me tons of time to reflect on everything we've done up until now!  I've realized just how much of an influence different people have been in our design choices throughout the house ... & I think it's time to quit my indecisiveness and stand by my decisions {even if sometimes they do end up being failures}

I know our friends and family only have our best interest at heart but they are not US and definintely won't be the ones living in OUR house ... So who cares if I want a glass staircase, or marble countertops in the kitchen, or the white leather couch that I'm still thinking about.  My point is ... all the compromises that I've made so far, left me with regrets ... so from now on, as long as the hubster is on board ... we're going all out and being as "different" as we want to be!

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  1. love that saying! and i am with you girly--go with what YoU love:) ps--i think the hair is flippin fab--you look hot girl!