Wednesday, February 23, 2011

inspirations to get me through the day...

It's only been 6 short months since its happened, but boy did I fall hard ... fell hard in L-O-V-E that is ... I feel like it's grade school all over again ... my first crush & that anxious, sweaty all over feeling just doesn't seem to want to go away ... spending sleepless nights & lazy afternoons daydreaming and making plans ... is it just me or am i crazy in love with marble?

Hahaha yeah me & my insane marble talk again ... it's finally happening ... we went marble shopping today and officially put 3 GORGEOUS, beautifully veined, white Calcutta Oro marble slabs on hold!  Now that we're finally moving along in the process, I'm starting to get serious doubts and that scary, twisted, butterflies in your tummy feeling ... Why is it always like that, as soon as you get something that you want ... you're not sure if you want it anymore ... Don't get me wrong, I can't get enough of marble in my house but I think all those warnings and lectures that we've been getting from our manufacturer, sales clerks, friends & family, and online forums are finally getting to me ... But you know what, I gotta stay consistent with my last post and just go with it!

After months & months of research I think we're ready to handle anything these countertops throw at us lol ... so here's some pretties from our shopping trip.  Won't tell you which one we chose, but it's definintely one of these ... or maybe I'm just indecisive and waiting to actually pay for and pick them up before knowing that they're officially ours ... either way, we'll see on Saturday!

And as always ... what is a post about marble without gorgeous eye candy to get me through the day ...

Love the gray shelving and cabinets with the white marble ... but too late now ... already got my white cabinets installed ... either way white is more classic and never goes out of style so it's a win-win situation!

 Is it ok to admit that I have a huge crush on these barstools?

A little too modern for my taste but still ohh so gorgeous ... that view ... don't get me started!

The perfect inspiration for my open shelving ... not necessarily lovin' the color for my kitchen in particular ... but definintely the concept is amazing!  I would love to get my hands on some funky wall paper to put inside my cabinets ... and white dishware ... yes please!

Hopefully I'll have time this week to actually bring my camera during the day to take some real pictures of our progress ... we're soo close that I can taste it ... 2 more weeks and we'll hopefully be in!


  1. OK!! so jealous! it is going to look insane fabulous! the marble is gorgeous! so excited to see what you picked~

  2. Wow stunning marble! Congrats on finding it, I know its a big chore but soooo worth it..the slabs are just beautiful! Cant' wait to see/hear more. I like you, love the grays a lot...hint be sure to look at my post tomorrow:)
    Love coming here and thanks for your kind words on my blog. Have a nice night...

  3. What beauty! I can't wait to see how everything turns out for your kitchen! Enjoy the gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  4. Very exciting!! Can't wait to see more!

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE it! New follower here :) oh and p.s. I LOVE your dark hair. LOOOOOVE. My natural color is almost black but I have been dying it blonde for soooo long. I would love to go back to dark. Seems more exotic :)

  6. N-I-C-E!! A designer friend of mine in London did her whole house with beautiful marble counters and even walls in many places. It's stunning.