Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tulips & Lions

Lately I'm inspired by so many things and have so much on my mind .. but I can't seem to get anything straightened out enough to actually get any work done around the house.  After finally finishing the touch ups in our stripped eating nook ... I've been stuck trying to figure out what to tackle next.  At this point there seems to be too much to do and I need to just settle down and concentrate on a couple of major things instead of trying to do everything at once!

So instead of tackling the big things I keep distracting myself with cute little treasures that I seem to be finding so easily.  Like these vintage tulip bowls I found at an antique store ... which by the way pier 1 now carries almost an exact version of.

And these adorable lions head soup bowls that I found at Home Goods for a steal

I really wanted to get at least 6 of these but sadly with Home Goods every thing is in limited supply and unless you get there 1st you end up getting the left overs.  Luckily after a little research, I was able to find almost identical bowls at and ordered 4 more ... they should be arriving sometime early this week so fingers crossed that they'll be a match!


  1. Fun new finds! It's always a score when you can "outsmart" the retail and find it somewhere else!

  2. Loove all your finds, and shook,who knew??

  3. i meant shopko--not shook! ha! dang i-pad:)