Friday, November 4, 2011

Visits from the Mailmain

The mailman had a special delivery for us last week, and not just 1 but 2 very special deliveries.  We started off the week with a fabulous Crema Marfil Trellis gracing our kitchen backsplash.  As soon as the FedEx guy left, I rushed to rip the boxes apart and throw together a sneak peak of what the tiles will potentially look like once installed.

I know I went back and forth with the backsplash decision for more months than I want to count ... but once it was ordered, I never looked back.  I'm glad that I went with a big statement that hopefully I can love for many more years to come!

And to finish off this productive week, FedEx decided to stop by again ... this time with a gorgeous black Bertazzoni range hood!

This wasn't my original choice & I was totally freaked out at the thought of ordering a breakin-my-bank range hood just from a single picture I've seen online... But no regrets here whatsoever!

The backsplash is going up tonight so hopefully more pics to come!


  1. your kitchen is coming out AMAZING! We are so slow doing ours ugh..

  2. WOW! Your back splash is so unique, and gorgeous! Can't wait to see the pictures when it's all put together!