Monday, July 27, 2009

2 Birds with 1 Stone

We desperately needed a new transmission for our Saab, which hasn't really been working properly for the past 2 years {but who's counting}! My hubby called all the auto shops in Sacramento and no one seemed to have what we needed, so we ended up traveling to Los Angeles to get the parts.

The quicky trip to LA ended up being beneficial in more than one way, not only did we buy a good transmission but we also enjoyed a few days of relaxation at the beach! Now that's what I call "Killing 2 birds with 1 stone"!

Our Hotel was so beautiful and modern, right next to the water! This is the view that we had breakfast to each morning... ohh how I want to go back again!

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  1. frustrating!! reader never tells me when you post for some reason...and then suddenly it will have three in a row...grr!

    i love your ladies night photos...and your hiking trip sounds amazing!! i SO want to do this soon...and a quick l.a. trip...yes please!! what fun it looks like you have!!