Monday, September 7, 2009

Zing Zang Zoom

My sweet hubby surprised me by secretly buying tickets and taking me to the Circus Saturday night. Ohh how I luved it, it was so much FUN!

My family used to go almost every year when we were growing up, so it's nice to continue this tradition with my husband and our future kids {whenever that may be xexe}

We made sure to take lots of pictures for memories, I'm sure our neighbors hated us but ohh well they didn't complain.

Here's my hubby and I at half-time.


Trying to get a view of the whole arena... had to make it quick though cuz people kept walking up and down the stairs.

Circus View

Watching the elephants was probably my favorite part... It must have took years to train them!

Circus Elephant

Circus Elephants

The tigers were pretty scary, they were definitely not having it and kept snapping at the trainer pretty much throughout the whole show.

Circus Tiger

By the way incase you haven't noticed, I finally figured out how to make my photos larger through photobucket. Yay I'm so excited! I think large photos make blogs so much more interesting and visually appealing :)

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