Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Blue w/ a Splash of Orange

I finally got around to taking pictures of my newly remodeled Sunday School classroom ... So here's the final result!
1 & 3: Picture Frames {Dollar Store} Striped Fabric {IKEA}
2: White Ceramic Piggy Bank {Michael's}
4: Curtains {IKEA}

5: Set of 5 white vases {IKEA} Single Orange Flowers {Dollar Store}
6: White Lamp {IKEA}

I decided to go with a light blue paint color for the walls to create a bright, open space with a relaxed feel. The baby blue makes the black frames really stand out against the wall.


The orange accents really pop-out against the light colored walls, including these vases with single orange flowers that I arranged in a row on the top shelf of my bookcase.


I used old frames that I had laying around the house to create borders for both my Birthday Calendar and the Attendance Board. I used scrap booking paper for the background and the letters, and I decided to go with a birdie theme. There's 12 birds {each representing a month of the year} I still need to write in the month and the kids' birthdays in each bird.

birthday board

And here's the complete shelving unit. I got all of these storage boxes and file folders from IKEA. They are so convenient and make my shelved look ohhh so neat! Plus they come a variety of colors so it'll work with any design. I'm definitely getting some more for our office at home!


This project took 2 whole days, even with my hubs helping out! Our room looked so horrible before ... with dirty walls and floors, broken shelves and cabinets, holes in the walls, cracks in the floor... and the list continues Lol

I'm so ecstatic that it's finally done! Yay I can actually look forward to coming to class now, and so can the kids!!!


  1. That is so adorable! And I totally have those Ikea bud vases. : )

  2. OMG, I freaking love everything you did!!!

    I LOVE the white with orange. Absolutely amazing girl!

  3. Oh, and the birthday thing....you need to make those and sell them! I would so so buy it!

  4. That's the CUTEST Sunday school room EVER!!! Great job on the decor. You can help me with my home anytime :)

  5. lol well it turned out really cute =)

  6. i really like the baby blue and orange combo and the art on the wall is so cute!
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