Thursday, January 27, 2011

Visions in {white}

Visions of glamorous bathrooms have been dancing around in my head for far too long & I think its time to finally get some concrete ideas down in writing.  Our master bathroom remodel is well on its way & I hate to brag but so far its looking GORGEOUS!  I'm using tons and tons of marble ... everything from beautiful white Carrara marble in the shower, bath, and countertops to the lovely Bianco Luna on the floors.  So far we only have the bath and shower done, but it should be smooth sailing from here since that was the hardest & most time consuming part.

Don't want to give away too much until it's a little closer to completion, but heres a little sneak peek of the bathtub as of right now ...

and on to the inspirations ... this image is absolutely my favorite ... this bathroom looks so elegant with the clean white lines, silver accents, & vintage chandelier, but the beautiful teal pop of color is what really makes this space so unique and inviting.

This freestanding bathtub is absolute eye candy ... too bad we already have a perfectly working bathtub so no excuse to buy a new one ...

Love the BOLD black & white stripes ... but maybe a little too much drama for me in the bathroom...

I think these white & gray stripes a little more my style ... I Love stripes as accents so you will definintely be seeing more of these in my new home!

Now this is something a little more relaxing ... I think I could practically live in this bathroom!

Love the beautiful white sinks ... I want something similar in our master, but maybe not as high.

Now here's something that speaks a little more to my high fashion side ... I adore the framed Chanel ad & the feminine white, pink, & silver accents!

Still not 100% sure whether I want to go with a white or dark vanity, but as of right now I'm leaning a little more towards the chocolate vanities ...

Beautiful vanity, but not too sure about the wallpaper ... might be a little too busy for our master, since it's already going to full of beautiful patterns from all of the different marble ;)

& finally I want to finish off with a little sparkly, glittery, & ohh so glamorous icing on the cake!

Now off to the house to check on the progress ... the hubby was supposed to start laying down the hardwood floors today ... so hopefully everything is going to plans!


  1. hey girl--beautiful bathroom inspirations!
    i got your comment about strawberry desserts.
    You get a white chocolate oreo, then put wildberry cream cheese, half a strawberry, and drizzle with chocolate. They are so pretty and delish!

  2. Looks like your bathroom will be amazing. Love all your insanely beautiful inspiration images!!

  3. How exciting! Can't wait to be in your shoes or see more pictures as it progresses, isn't it so much fun to see your creation come alive? I love also all the inspiration I am really into the "a lot of marble" too and feel you can't have too much of a good thing! Thanks for the post!