Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lunch Time

I had an interesting lunch yesterday ... instead of my usual chicken salad, chocolate oatmeal bar, and fruit punch Capri Sun ... I had a large order of beautiful white Calcutta and a side of glamorous shell mosaics!

With all the bad weather that we've been having lately, we didn't get a chance to pick up our slabs till yesterday afternoon ... but now that they're paid for and off to the fabricator ... I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival in our kitchen!

The fabricator stopped by our house last night to make final measurements & templates ... he ended up tweaking our bar a little bit, but other than that everything seems perfect and ready to go with the countertops!  This gave us a chance to dry fit our extra large, extra perfect ;) farmhouse sink, which I'm absolutely lovin'! {incase you can't tell by now}  Everything is coming together so beautifully and I'm finally starting to see the full picture {even though there's still plenty to do in the kitchen before it's fully complete}

Now lets play a little game of "what's the big freakin difference"!  Here's a pic of our kitchen from last week & one from yesterday {and NO the bad photo quality is not the only difference}

As you can see, hopefully quite clearly, we finally got the doors on our upper cabinets up ... unfortunately this process was a lot more complicated and pain-staking than we originally planned for ... it all started when we first picked out our creamy white cabinets from a long line of kitchen cabinets in various shades and styles ... Once we had our vision planned out to the very last drawer  ... we realized that our specific cabinet style only comes with one type of glass door....

Not to say that this is a bad choice, but it was definintely a little more "country" than we were willing to go ... Lucky for me ... I have a very handy hubby who was able to take a solid door and cut it out ever so perfectly to get it ready for custom glass installation!  As you can see from our kitchen picture above ... one of the doors got damaged in the process {a first attempt} but now that he got the technique down it should be smooth sailing from here.

We still have no clue what we are doing for the back splash, but spotted these beautiful shell mosaic tiles while waiting for my fabricator at the tile place.

My plan is to wait until after the marble is in ... so it can "speak" to me ... funny yeah I know ... I think I need to find some back splash inspirations to share later, but for now off to the house to finish grouting in the master shower!


  1. Wow Alena..looking good! SOOO EXCITING. The marble is to die for and the pearl is stunning....I have seen it in bathrooms, never in a kitchen, could be interesting. I can't wait to see things as they unfold!~

  2. what the what!! it is looking so insane gorgeous! i cannot wait to see it all put together! so jealous!

  3. Beautiful! Can't wait to see it. Thanks for stopping by my blog So I could find and follow you. XX Samantha