Saturday, February 21, 2009

NataLie gettin' Married!!!

Wow!!! so one of my good friends Natalie decided to get married on Valentine's Day at the last minute. I literally found out a week before when my friend Alina called to invite me to her surprise bridal shower. I was sooo shocked, cuz even though they've been together like forever it was still so unexpected. They just decided to go to a chapel in Tahoe instead of going through with the traditional wedding. Definitely not my first choice...but of course it's their life and if she is happy, I fully support her :) I came to the shower pretty late, cuz of course it had to be on Wednesday and I had to go to a Beta Alpha Psi meeting before heading over to Alina's house. It was real fun and she got tons of sexy lingerie, enough for the whole year LOL. I haven't seen most of my girlfriends in ages, so it was really nice to catch up on everything.

Just us girls having some fun ;)
Poor Alina is so pregnant right now, I can't wait to see her baby Nathan...She's due March 5th, right before my b-day!

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