Thursday, January 22, 2009

By the San Francisco Shore

Since Monday was a holiday, we randomly decided to take the 2 hour drive to Frisco. We left with my sister Alla and her Bf Ilya on Sunday evening after church and didn't get there till around 10 pm. We were tired after the long drive so we decided to just chill at the hotel and watch movies instead of going out. We slept-in the next morning, and after packing went to the bakery to buy some goodies for our picnic at the beach. It was a lot of fun, we set out some blankets on the sand and just enjoyed the scenery while munching on our yummy pastries. Half way through we were interrupted by an adorable little pug named George who decided to go sniffing around to find out what we were eating. I love dogs so much, but I'm probably going to have to wait till summer before I can get one because we aren't allowed to keep pets at our condo :( After the beach we decided to go explore the Coit Tower. The view from the tower was amazing, but aside from taking a few pics there was not much else to do there. The whole day the weather was amazing, nice and sunny. After, we went to Pier 49 to watch a couple of shows and grab some dinner at Bubba Gump. While waiting for our seats we took a couple of fun pics. Heres one of my hubby, notice the extra large tennis shoes :) We waited a long time for our food, almost 40 min, and my shrimp pasta came out cold. Plus I just had my wisdom teeth surgically removed last saturday so eating it was quite a challenge. I'm constantly getting food stuck in my holes while they're healing. Overall the restaurant was kinda fun to try once, but I'm definitely not coming back because the food sucked! We left home pretty early that evening because everyone had work the next day and I had contribution meetings to attend for my Accounting Organization at school. It was a nice little vacation to take before school starts next week.

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