Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tahoe Trip w/ Friends

Well after the New Year party I probably slept around 3-4 hrs, and surprising wasn't tired at all in the morning... As soon as we woke up, we called up some friends and decided to drive up to Lake Tahoe. The drive was pretty smooth since it hasn't snowed up there for days, but we did have to stop at a few gas stations to buy Lottery Tickets!! Yeah don't ask... ever since I won $50 on a bingo scratcher, I've been feeling lucky :) ... Anyways after we finally got there we decided to buy some sleds and go test the hills at the snow park. It was really crowded with children running all over the place and I was a lil' hesitant at first especially since I didn't have my snow clothes on but in the end it turned out great. Every time we went down the hill we had to yell to make sure everyone moved outta the way...Luckily we didn't hit anyone in the process. Later that night we went out to Denny's to get some dinner, definitely not my favorite place to eat, but it wasn't too bad. Just when everyone was getting ready to go home, we got this great idea to stay the night. So my husband and I and my sister and her boyfriend made last minute reservations for a hotel in Reno so we wouldn't have to go home. Once we got there, we were pretty tired so we ended up just buying some snacks and watching movies in the hotel room. Yay how fun... I guess it was snowing all night cuz when we woke up in the morning the scene was completely different, everything was covered in snow :) We went to breakfast at Ihop and then started our long drive home... and by long, I mean LONG... It was snowing pretty hard the whole day and the roads were all packed, with everyone heading home after the holidays. Good thing we went on our Jeep and didn't have to stop to put on chains. Well we probably got home around 8pm and headed straight to my grandma's house to celebrate her birthday.

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