Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter Sunday filled with many blessings, I know I definitely did!!! We started off the morning with an Easter Egg Hunt for my sunday school class. I never knew they were so competitive! They were sliding up and down the grass, and pushing anyone who was in the way just to collect the most eggs and win the "grand prize" chocolate bunny. They were too funny to watch. The grass was still slightly wet from the morning dew and some of the kids had a little too much fun in the dirt (I hope the parents won't be too mad ).

We had a huge Easter Lunch at my parents house, with all of our friends and relatives there. I took Bella with me and dressed her up in the cutest Easter dress ever, let me say nobody could get their hands off her. My poor baby, she was so worn out from everyone trying to pet her, take pictures, and play with her.

The service tonight was wonderful and very close to the heart. We had some amazing preachers, with great words of wisdom. Our worship group sang beautifully and my choir sounded phenomenal. You could tell we all worked really hard to make this the best Easter Service ever, and it really showed!

I'll leave with a couple of cutie pics of Bella

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