Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Wedding!

Today our good friends Anna and Roman got married! I couldn't be happier for them, and wish them all of the happiness, love, and God's blessings in the world!

My poor hubby was working all night on Friday so as soon as he came home Saturday morning, he passed out on the bed. I on the other hand spent all morning with my mom and aunt creating fruit arrangements for Anna's wedding. We've done them before for my engagement party and wedding and they turned out really nice, so she asked us to make 2 to put on her wedding table. I think our effort payed off, as you can see they turned out really cute.

The wedding was beautiful and Anna looked gorgeous ;) I especially loved all the food, soo yummy, and the program they had was very humorous and entertaining. I even sang a song for the bride and groom along with my sisters and friend Julie. Their mics weren't working that great, but either way it turned out pretty good. It was such a blessed day, I don't think they could have asked for anything better!

Taking a quick pic with the bride and groom!

Me and my gorgeous sisters, they were both bridesmaids at the wedding.
Looks like my hubby found himself a new girlfriend ;)
Me and my cuzin Jules just chillin' at our table.
My mommy and auntie at the reception.
Too bad I'm already married, bouquet tosses are sooo fun!
I luv the way the decorated the fruit table, so cute.

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