Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Baby BeLLa

I've been devastated ever since my puppy passed away last year, and I've waited quite a while before deciding that it was finally time to get another one. I was soo attached to him and it was hard to let go and start over with a new puppy. Once my hubby and I decided for sure, I started researching immediately. I was on Spring break the whole week, so it was the perfect timing! I found a breeder and probably called her like a million times to make sure that we were making the right choice and knew what we were getting into. I arranged to meet with the breeder at the vet, and anxiously waited for a couple of days to finally meet her.

When I first saw her, I could barely believe it, she was sooo tiny. She was only 1.6lbs and looked more like a fluffy little squirrel than a dog xexe.

Ever since then, Bella has been such a joy. You can't look at her adorable little face without smiling :) She's very smart and already knows how to use her potty box. She loves to cuddle with me and follows me around the house where every I go!

Been trying to take some pics of her, but can't get her to stay still. Here are some that I got from the breeder and a few that I managed to actually take.

Only a puppy, and already all blinged out ... What do you expect, she's a girl ;)

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