Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Fun in LA!

So obvious just hanging out at the beach was not good enough for us, so we decided to drive an hour to Six Flags Magic Mountain... bad idea!

About 30 min into the drive, our car started making a horrible scrapping sound... definitely bad news. Apparently one of the bolts for the support underneath our car got loose and started scrapping the ground. There was really no where to pull over, so we quickly got out of the car and started walking so there would be less weight, while my hubby continued to drive to try to exit.

Let me remind you again that this was all happening while we were on the freeway, and we definitely caused some major traffic. It only took about 5 min before the freeway tow truck showed up along with a couple of cops. They were really nice and towed our car for free and gave us a ride to the gas station.

Luckily my husband is super great at fixing cars, so he quickly borrowed some tools from the gas station and fixed the car with Ilya all in time for us to still make it to Six Flags!

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