Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fun in the *Sun

We went to LA this past weekend and had a great time just reLaxing in the Sand!

It actually wasn't even planned, but since my hubby and I have been working sooo hard lately we decided that we needed a vacation. My sis aLLa and her Bf Ilya just decided to tag along too LoL!

We didn't really do anything too special, just spent most of the days going to the beach. The weather was a little cloudy and the water was freezing, but we still had to go splashing in the waves and got pretty nice tans {except for my hubby & Ilya, who ended up looking like crabs}

Speaking of crabs... My hubby {the explorer that he is Lol} spend much of his time catching crabs and looking for starfish.

There was so many of them but they were really hard to get!

Here's my hubby risking his Life and trying to beat the crashing waves to get a starfish for me... Awww how sweet ;)

Of course I had to get a couple of pics too...

Nothing more reLaxing than having your toes in the sand and the fresh breeze running through your hair... ahhhh this is the Life!

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