Wednesday, May 27, 2009

{Memorial Day Memories}

My weekend has been a crazy one... going from one party to the next, but gladly it's all over and I'm still in one piece... whew

We visited Bodega Bay with our youth on Monday! The trip was originally supposed to only take 2 hrs, but with 9 cars, over 40 people, and a bad sense of direction, it took twice as long!

The weather was freezing when we first got there, but by around 3 pm it finally started to warm up. It was nice to finally get all of our youth together and just spend the whole day relaxing on the beach.

Volleyball is definitely BIG around here, so most of our time was spend playing, watching, and cheering for our fav teams!

The guys ended up going fishing for part of the time {along with the veterans, like this guy}

I spend the day taking random pictures...

And the people who had nothing better to do... got buried alive!

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