Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Le Pink SandaLs

Went shopping for Mother's Day on Friday and again on Monday, but ended up buying more stuff for myself than my mom... Yes I know how selfish!

I did manage to buy my mom-in-Law a super cute white Kathy Van Zeeland Purse... It's the perfect gift for her because she's been looking for a good white purse for a while now. My mom on the other hand should have been easier to shop for, but I still can't figure out what to get her.

...She already has tons of purses in every color

...I'm not allowed to buy her any clothes, because I always buy the wrong size and style

...She's picky about jewelry

...I already bought her tons of make-up, body lotions, and hair products

...She has a lot of picture frames and albums

...Ughhhh I'm stuck and I would definitely appreciate any suggestions!

At least I didn't leave the mall empty handed... I ended up buying myself a pair of very cute & elegant earrings.
Bath and Body wall plug-ins {Sweet Pea, my fav}
And the most adorable pink Sandals!

And of course I had to try them out right away {Even though it was raining}


  1. i am not sure if she is a wine drinker but this winery in washignton has the most AMAZING dessert wine... http://www.wedgemountainwinery.com/product.php?cPath=14&products_id=22 ...it may be cutting it too close to get it delivered but it is so yummy and i am not a wine drinker and i love it! or if not i always great luck finding unique and lovely gifts at the red envelope!! good luck lady!

  2. My mom is the same way. I found some off the wall book at Barnes and Noble called Conversations with My Mother. It's pretty neat.