Wednesday, May 27, 2009

☼ Summer Wish List ☼

Now that summer has officially started... I'm in serious need of a new bathing suit!

I've been sort of browsing but haven't found anything that I really like or something that's within my budget {hoping to buy 2-3 new ones this year, so they gotta be affordable}

Been checking out Victoria's Secret Online, so maybe will order a couple from there, but I'm always scared of ordering the wrong size... Ugghhh

I really like this "Yellow Anchors" but not too sure about the string bottoms {they always make me look fat}

Also like this Coral bathing suit... so feminine and cute!

Definitely luvin' the sexy pink stripes...

And what girl can live without some cute polka dots in her life?

I definitely need some advice and fast!


  1. I love all of them, but those corel colors are just hypnotizing me this summer haha. The feminine one with the frills and the polka dots seem so fun and colorful for summer. And I think would look SO cute on you.

    I understand about the string bikini, if its not placed in the perfect spot... problems can occur haha

    I love the pink stripes too but it would just make my chest look even more bigger so for me, not so much, but I think on anyone else its SUPER cute.

    But I vote for the corels. with your hair color and stuff, it will look amazinggg

  2. I think number one for sure!! yellow would look amazing!

    btw...did you get my email about your blog design? I sent it a while back and have to heard from you. just wanted to make sure I did not end up in your spam folder!

  3. I love the anchor one!!! And man, I wish I looked like that in a swimsuit!!!